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Electrical Kit

For use with hitch systems. Unique in the market that prevents overloading of the car’s original electrical system.

Applicable in vehicles with:

  • Digital control system of mixed voltage lights
  • BSI system of multiplexed cable
  • CAN BUS Data System
  • Check Control
  • Lamp Failure Sensor (LFS)
  • Low voltage lights system

Can Bus Data (CBD)

In the Can Bus Data system a Control Principal Unit (CPU) controls the elements of safety, comfort and the vehicle engine management, and the information circulates by a pair of braided cables inside the electronic system of the vehicle, increasing the functions of the vehicles by using less cables.



Thin Section Wire (AS)

The Electric ST1 allows the utilization of thin section wires for the connection between the vehicle and the trailer (about 30 and 40 % of the standard section) reducing notably the total amount of necessary wire. The electrical development of the Electric ST1 allows this reduction in the wire section, which is not possible when using standard electrical kits because there is the risk of fire due to the high temperature the wires can reach when the section is decreased.




Check Control (CC)

The LFS (Light Failure System) warns the user through acoustic or visual signals of the failure produced in any of the vehicle lights by an increased consumption of energy. Using the Electric ST1 prevents an incorrect functioning of the system that control the lights, because it does not increase the original energy consumption of the vehicle